Saturday, March 15, 2014

What happens when you love one of your creations soooo much but you know you have to sell it? Well, if you're me, you price it so high on Etsy that nobody will buy it but you don't have to feel guilty for not offering it for sale! Having said this, here is Kristine, my first African American Blythe. I recently listed her on Etsy!
I love Kristine. I love her smile, her eyes, her skin tone, her hair (which I didn't like on it's original doll), her little personality. Everything. I put her in my family room so I can look at her every single day.
Imagine my dismay when I got notice that she sold!! Lucky for me, I know the buyer so I can keep track of her and if her new owner ever gets tired of her, I am quite sure that I will buy her back! As it is, I must pack her up and send her off tomorrow. That place in the family room sure will look mighty empty. Almost like letting one of the family go. Sigh..... Almost.